Saturday, November 13, 2010

When I Grow Up

I wanna be Millie Bayha
Let's see. Her calendar's a bit full.

There's daily exercise, ceramics, weekly yoga, twice-a-week church services, occasional club activities with the 90s-plus group, the lifelong learning classes, her beloved bingo, arts and crafts, Friday night movie, time set aside to read the daily newspaper.

Is there room for a birthday party?

Millie Bayha turns 106 Monday. As the guest of honor at a birthday celebration thrown by The Arboretum senior retirement center in Menomonee Falls where she lives, she'll be the life of the party.

Remarkably fit for her age - mentally and physically - Millie was asked the inevitable question: What's your secret?

"I don't know the secret," she said this week, "but I was blessed with good health."

Good health, an active lifestyle, and a pleasant, optimistic disposition are perhaps all part of Millie's secret, said Thea Vorass, lifestyle director at The Arboretum.
Read the rest and see a picture of this incredible lady here. What a cutie!! :)

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  1. i hate her. people like her just make me feel like a bigger waste. i hate her.
    106??!!? ugh, i am such a waste...