Monday, November 8, 2010

Is Anyone Surprised?

Note to all you bleeding heart liberals who allege that those of us who want to secure our border are "racists" and "bigots"...who contend that the "undocumented workers" (sweet way of saying illegal immigrants)are just coming here to make a better life:

THIS is what we've been trying to tell you!!!
The U.S. government is covering up the growing threat created by Middle Eastern terrorists entering the country through the porous Mexican border, according to a veteran federal agent who assures the area has never been secure.
A federal indictment filed in San Antonio Texas proves it. It charges a man named Ahmed Muhammad Dhakane for smuggling hundreds of people from Brazil to Mexico and into the U.S. Some of them were Somalis from a renowned terrorist group (Al Shabob) responsible for suicide bombings worldwide. Incredibly, U.S. authorities have no clue where the Somalis are today, according to a Texas congressman quoted in the story.

News of Middle Eastern terrorists using Mexico to enter the U.S. has trickled out in the last few years, though the feds have been largely silent on the matter. Earlier this year the Department of Homeland Security warned Texas law enforcement agencies that a renowned Al Qaeda terrorist is planning to sneak into the U.S. through Mexico. A few years ago the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) revealed that Islamic terrorists and violent Mexican drug gangs have teamed up to successfully penetrate the U.S. as well as finance terror networks in the Middle East.
I am baffled that any United States citizen would oppose securing our border!! Don't you people understand that if Mexicans who are "trying to make a better life" can sneak...well, practically just walk...across the border, then the bad guys who are TRYING TO KILL US can as well?? What about that is so difficult to understand??

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have absolutely NO issue with immigration...LEGAL immigration. That is what makes this such an exceptional (though I know many of you don't like that word) country. But we simply cannot have people just waltzing into this country illegally, and one of the first steps in putting a stop to that is to SECURE OUR BORDERS!!!

What, pray tell, is so wrong with that?


  1. Of course, if we made it easier for people who WANT to work here to do so, then there wouldn't be so many of them trying to "sneak" across the border. That way, we would know that the ones who were sneaking were doing so b/c they want to do something really bad, and not just the throngs who only want to work here.

    When the truly bad aren't able to hide amongst the throngs of the mostly good, its easier for them to sneak. It's like a Where's Waldo game, but the stakes are a lot higher.

    Its easier to catch terrorists if you thin the crowd of people to look through.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree that we should have in place an easier system for people to come into this country legally. It's taking people YEARS to follow the proper procedure.

    However, we need to secure our borders first, or even contemporaneously, with reforming the legal procedures. A secure border is the first step to a safer America.

  3. Secure the borders first. Everything else is negotiable after.

  4. The point is that creating a system by which people with good intentions can easily come into this country and work HELPS to secure the border.

    When people who want to work here can do so easily, they will choose to use that system, because its to their great advantage.

    That means that there are fewer people sneaking across the border, and its easier to assume that the people doing so have bad intentions (drug dealers, terrorist, etc).

    Making a better system for immigration and/or work visas is PART of securing the border... its not something extra you do after.

  5. While that all sounds well and good, it's a bit late for that, don't you think? It will take quite some time for government to revamp the procedures by which people can enter this country legally. In the meantime, we have a crisis on the border. There is nothing wrong with working on them together, but there is a system, albeit a poor system, already in place.

    Do the two work hand in hand? Of course. But while those in Washington should be taking another look at the policies in place, we need to physically secure our border ASAP.